Give Your Body A Hot Tub Detox For Summer

Summer is right around the corner! To some, that may sound scary considering how lazy and sluggish your body has been feeling since the cold winter months. But, did you know that sitting in your hot tub can actually “detox” your body and help get you back into the swing of summer? It’s true! In order to do an at-home detox, here are some helpful tips:


  • Wash your body in the shower or bath and use an exfoliating scrub and loofa to get rid of dead skin


  • Make sure your hot tub maintains a high temperature. This is necessary for your inner core to heat up and make you sweat. Sweating is helpful with flushing away toxins that have been trapped in your body
  • Keep a glass of water nearby. Staying hydrated is always important
  • Since the warm water loosens muscles, stretch any problem areas you may have


  • Rinse off with a cool shower. The cool water will rinse away any impurities or toxins leftover from sweating

Keep your body refreshed and ready for the summer ahead and try out a hot tub detox. Then, tell us how you liked it by email at or call us at 757-490-7727. Happy Hot-Tubbing!