Top 3 Reasons We Appreciate Our Military and Are Celebrating This Weekend!

There are a million reasons that we appreciate the military. If we tried to count all the ways we are thankful for their sacrifices and their service, we wouldn’t have time to do much else. Instead, we’ve decided to focus on the top three reasons we appreciate the men and women who serve every day in our armed forces.

1. They fight to protect our way of life

The reason that both we and our family of customers can do things like swim in pools, relax in our hot tubs and go to backyard cookouts is because our military members spend all day every day — far away from their own families — fighting to maintain our country’s way of life and standard of living. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with our active and retired military personnel and do our best to help make their time at home with their families more relaxing!

2. They Sacrifice in Silence

Although awards are bestowed, parades are held and memorials are dedicated, most of us will never know the daily sacrifices that our service men and women make as part of their oath and obligation. They give us everything they have — in many cases, their very lives — and they ask for very little in return. When was the last time you heard a soldier, seaman, airman or Marine complain?

3. They Set an Example Worth Following

We like to think that we’re a part of our community and more than just a business. Our customers are our family and our community is our home. For the young people growing up here in Virginia Beach, the men and women of our armed forces pose a living, breathing example of what it means to dedicate your life to something larger than yourself, to sacrifice for people you’ve never met and to serve the country you love with honor and dignity. These are examples that we can only hope our children will grow up to emulate.

That said, we have an event coming up that we are incredibly excited about, and we are proud to dedicate it to our nation’s military.

Our Virginia Beach showroom is a destination in and of itself. It is the largest in the Hampton Roads Area, and on May 16-18, literally everything inside of it will be on sale. If it makes the summer cooler, tastier or more exciting, you can get it for less at our Military Appreciation Tent Event.

If you buy a spa, you get a free lift cover. If you buy an above-ground pool, you get a free winter cover. Buy an in-ground pool and walk away with a free vacuum. Are you in the market for a softub? That comes with a free deck. From fire pits to custom pools, yard and landscaping products to master spas and swim spas, from patio furniture to accessories, chemicals, toys and pool tables, if we sell it, it will be on sale at our event.

How steep are the price cuts? Let’s just say that pools and spas start at $59 a month.

You’re supposed to have fun shopping for the things that will turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise, so we’re making it more of a party than a sale. We’ll be serving barbecue, so while you’re checking out our huge selection of grills and smokers, you can get a taste of what they’re capable of cooking. Hang out, play games — even get your Polaris fixed while you browse.

We cannot express how much we appreciate our military, and we’re going to do our best to prove it on May 16-18. Come down and look around — and most importantly, if you see a service member, say “thank you!”